Bug on render with Hardware insert.

Hello .
I´m using Wavelab 9.5 on Mac OS High Sierra And suddenly have problems on render with External Gear plug in. I usually create an audio montage with CD markers . Always use my master section to insert my analog gear and some plug ins, and after final balance I render all the files together , but now I have a bug . While rendering my first file render is ok, Burt next song ( 3-4 min length songs) are bounced 2 or more hours, +4 GB per song!!!
If I mute or take off the External gear. Render all is fine. But now I cannot render a complete Audio montage most of stereo files are +2 hours ( more than 4 GB per file) . I have to render every file one by one , impossible to render all files like CD tracks.
Any ideas?
Pepe Ortega.

Does it happen with different montages containing different audio files? You might need to post a screen recording or video to illustrate the problem if no one else is experiencing this.

Here is a little video where you can see an audio montage ( 8 songs) there are 2 pictures where you can see one of the processed files and my final folder files with info My first song is bounced ok, but all next songs are bounced 2 hours or more!!

And it happens with all montages after Track 1? and only if the External Gear plugin is in? Wouldn’t that mean the master files are playing back super slow if the renders are turning out hours long files, when they should be minutes?

I can’t reproduce the problem no matter what I try, but can you render montages you’ve rendered in the past with the same chains and settings as used before, or do you now get the same problem with those? Has anything changed?

Hi Bob.
Yes I have tried old and new montages and old chain settings and the problem it’s the same. It looks like something its broken. So now I need to render one by one of my songs.
On all montages one track one is fine. All other tracks have problems.

Have you tried re-installing Wavelab? And/Or resetting the preferences?


(the preferences reset instructions are for Cubase and Nuendo, but should be the same for Wavelab).