BUG: Opening a session in Nuendo 10.2 that has delay constraints on starts with the icon enabled but it is not active.

Opening Nuendo 10.2 session that had delay constraint on loads as if the constraint is still on (the icon is orange ie it is active) - but sonically it is processing using all the heavy CPU dsp.

I click it to turn it off (icon grey) as it launched with it on (orange) - there is no change in sound (cpu intensive plugins are all running)

I click it again so it is active (orange) - the sound now changes as expected.


Is it Nuendo 10.2.10?

With Cubase 10.0.50, there are reports on the forum, the Constrain Delay Compensation is enabled while opening the project. But in Cubase 10.0.50 even the plug-ins are disabled.

Maybe it’s somehow linked…?