Bug: Opt + Scissor Tool - Wrong audio chopping / splicing

Hi there,

If you hold down alt/opt while using the scissor tool on an audio event, Cubase slices up the audio event with the same length as the first cut.

Unfortunately there is a bug which kills my workflow. Occasionally Cubase makes one faulty additional cut at the end of the event. Which is so small that you actually only see it when you zoom in completely. This prevents you from selecting all chopped audio events and do edits to all of them, like fades or changing the length.

I tested this with several events and projects. Zero-Crossing Snap is off. I bounced the audio event, so it starts and ends perfectly within the grid and I only used lengths that you should be able to split up the audio equally. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not. Am I doing something wrong?

Bildschirmfoto 2023-05-03 um 08.22.23

Bildschirmfoto 2023-05-03 um 08.22.36

Can please someone try and confirm this? It is a real workflow killer.

Thank you,

MacOS 13, Macbook Pro M1
Cubase 12.0.60


What is the length of the Audio Event? Does the length really fit x-times cut-event length exactly?