Bug Or F/R Paint A Marker Changes Event Colour

It seems like a busy day. But these are just oldies, but goodies. I literally could do like 100 of these without breaking a sweat.

I select a Marker to colourise it with the Paint tool (the square box gizmo).

OK, it paints the Marker.

BUT if I have any other events also selected in the CPR, it also paints -those- as well. I think it has something to do with the fact that I have the Divide function active and Cubase seems to want to paint something in -both- divisions.

I think this is a bug. What sayest the hive?

Anyhoo, when I select a Marker to paint, I just wanna paint the Marker.

ALSO: When it paints the Marker, it doesn’t display the new colour until you move yer mouse somewhere else. Cubase should update the object (the Marker) the moment you hit the Paint tool.