Bug or feature? Songs longer as 5:35:45min


its now my 3 track with this problem. (was in 1.130 and now in 1.1.40 too)
after 5:35min i can’t set trigger points.

Intro from 1.1.1 - 80bpm
tempochange at 11.1.1 - 110bpm

the tempotrack/cursor goes only till bar #151.
Switch to Time it is 5:35:45min.

my workaround is, set higher bpm for the track, 300bpm, then i have access to the triggers till bar #420 which is 5:35:45min.

Set the Triggers after bar #151 and set the bpm for track back to its normal bpm.
The Songs goes 7minutes with 14parts ,and with the workaround the triggers after 5:35 works fine.

it happens always.

Cannot reproduce:

  • new project
  • add tempo track
  • set tempo to 80
  • locate 11.1
  • add tempo track entry 110.0

Tempo track display only goes to bar 153, that is true and we will fix it.
However you say “cursor” does not extent beyond bar 153 (if that’s what you say?), and that does not apply here. I can set the cursor wherever I want (say, bar 253) and set Part trigger for Part2 (if that’s what you mean?) w/o problems. What are you doing differently? Does this step-by-step procedure not apply in your place?

with cursor, i mean, the green vertikal line. i can’t set it in 3 of 4 songs after the tempotrack display line, and the 1 song is shorter than 5minutes.
i try the song from yesterday in an empty new project, and that works.

on weekend i have 3 more tracks over 6minutes to write in the existing project. i write every step on paper for finding the error.


try to edit the triggers of an existing song in the project and the error occur, i can’t set the vertical green (cursor) line after the visual end of the tempotrack line, which is by #151.
I made a short video of the fault.

with little steps, come closer…

find out that the error occur, after i delete the first part in the song. Then i can’t edit triggers after the end of tempotrack line.
if first edit all triggers, than delete the first part, it works.

change my workflow, if i don’t delete parts, then it works.