[bug or feature?] Stop the font size in the Project Notepad from rezising on close!

The Project Notepad is great in many ways.
One of the ways is you can use it is for song lyrics.
The drawback is that the default font size is … not large.
The good news is that by accident I discovered you can change the font size by holding down CTRL while using the scroll wheel.
The bad news is that when you close the Notepad the font size reverts to the default one.
It’s good enough for reading notes but if you have a microphone not close enough to the screen you can’t read those tiny letters!

The Notepad could actually use an overhaul as the Metronome had
First I thought it was almost silly and superfluous, but now I use some stuff I didn’t even know I needed!
The Notepad could be much more than it is?

+1 plus make sure that the font size in the Track Notepads remain resized too.

Regards :sunglasses:

+1 back at ya! :sunglasses:


When I enlarge font size (CTRL + mouse wheel), close notepad and open it again, it changes font size to a default small one. It’s very irritating to change it over and over again. Will this issue be fixed?