In Nuendo-8 Trial it is not possible to add as many device modules in Device Setup as one can in Nuendo-7.

This maybe due to the fact that some slots are now permanently allocated to the new Generic Remote modules, although deleting them from the default setup does not allow more modules to be loaded.

I use SmartAV Tango control surfaces which, for a full implementation, requires 98 modules to be added in Device Setup. I do not use all of these, but the fact that I can not install the same number of modules as are possible in N7 makes it impossible for me to invest in N8.

In N7 I am able to add 46 Tango modules + 1 Steinberg SKI Remote module.
In N8 I am only able to add 38 Tango modules + 1 Steinberg SKI Remote module.

However in earlier versions of Nuendo it was possible to add all 98 Tango modules.

@Steinberg: Is it possible to increase the number of modules that can be added in N8 so that it is at least compatible with N7?


This is seriously limiting the number of audio tracks that can be used in Nuendo.

Why has the number of devices that can be added been reduced?

Some input from Steinberg would be helpful here.

I would certainly like to know if this is just a mistake on Steinberg’s part. With the Tango still working fine in N7 there is certainly no need to jump to N8 if they arbitrarily have put my Tango at end of life. john

I believe that the number of devices that it is possible to load into Nuendo has been gradually eroded over the years.

When I first got the Tango (more or less when they first came out, I think) so it may have been the Nuendo-5 era, although I can not be sure, it was definitely possible to load all Tango devices to provide 240 audio tracks. Since then it seems to have been gradually reduced.

I mentioned this to Steinberg some time ago, but nothing happened, apart from me getting used to/learning to live with a lower track count. But if this continues to happen we may reach the point where we can no longer use Nuendo to record audio!


I have all necessary modules loaded for my Tango and Extension in N8
No change on my end from N7 although I’m on Mac

Hope this helps


Maybe it’s just the PC version.

Could my PC be imposing a limit on the number of installable Devices?

Would be nice if someone from Steinberg could comment here.

There is an age old problem relating to Tango & Nuendo with regard to the thread limit. This has been driving me crazy for a long time as I mix projects with a large no of tracks. I quite often have to remove vst plug ins and use the stock stuff to get enough modules loaded. Just before Smart Av expired, the forum had about 12 pages on this particular subject. According to Smart at the time it was a Nuendo issue! it would be really great if we could get some comment from them on this. At least to find out if it’s resolvable.


Maybe it’s just the PC version.

Could my PC be imposing a limit on the number of installable Devices?

Might be. After reading this thread I grabbed the N8 trial and loaded up the Tango; so far everything runs as it did in N7. This is on an iMac running the latest Sierra. john.

Yes, looking at the post indicated by Blueman it appears to be related to ‘thread’ limits in the PC version.

I do now vaguely remember this. Nothing was done about it.

Is 256 the absolute maximum number of threads possible under Windows?

Given that the number of audio modules I can load into N8 has been reduced by 8 compared to N7, and that each module represents 4 audio channels, upgrading from N7 to N8 results in the loss of 32 audio channels.

Add to that about the same when upgrading from N6 to N7, that means a loss of 64 audio channels.

Altogether, going from N5 to N8, a total of 148 audio channels have been lost, making it possible to load only 92 channels into the Tango!

The Tango software has not changed. The Nuendo software has.

Pretty serious, don’t you think?

Does Windows-10 permit more DLLs to be loaded than Windows-7?

This Dll/Vst plugin limitation does not appear to have been addressed in N8.1 so I will not be able to move beyond N7.