DLL/VST Plugin limitation issue

On Windows operating systems it is only possible to install a maximum of 128 separate DLL’s or Plugins, however this limit is dramatically reduced by Steinberg DAW’s and in my experience the number installable seems to be reduced with every update.

This is related to the FLS limit of 128 in Windows systems,

As it stands, I am unable to move on beyond N7 because of this situation.

Timo told me that this would be fixed in N8.1.10 but I am unable to tell from the Version History notes whether or not it has actually been fixed.

Does anybody know?

Here are some posts relating to the problem:


You mean “instantiate”, correct? Not “install”… or?

Well, I suppose it would be more accurate to say ‘installing’ DLL’s via Device Setup and ‘instantiating’ plugins. The more DLL’s are installed, the fewer plugins can be instantiated.

Sorry, I still don’t get it.

When I hear the word “install” I think of what I do when I download software and run an installer. That to me is “installing”.

“Instantiating” to me is when you click on an insert and select a plugin for that insert. That is “instantiating”.

So, I still don’t know what you mean.

OK, when I add a device in Device Setup I use the word ‘install’ but maybe that’s just me. When I use a plugin I could use the word ‘instantiate’ but i would probably just use the word ‘add’, again that’s just my simple way of expressing things. You can probably work out what I mean though. :slight_smile:

Do you happen to know if the issue has been fixed? Timo and Thorsten will know, but they haven’t told me yet.

Have you tried a trial version of N8?

@MattiasNYC wouldn’t it of been better to just answer the question if you were able. It’s not hard to extrapolate what fenderchris was asking, just take a look at the links that were posted.

Yes, when it first came out. It further reduced the number of DLL’s and VST plugins that could be used. Steinberg identified the problem and stated that it would be fixed in N8.1.10 in Jan/Feb. That version is now available so I am trying to find out if the issue has in fact been addressed. I have sent several PMs to Timo and Thorsten about this but have received no reply, hence my question here.

Thanks dude,

Maybe it’s just a case of the widely held view that we are two nations separated by a common language. :smiley:

Just for clarification, my comment was not any kind of major dig at MattiasNYC. His contributions on this forum have helped me loads. He’s got deep knowledge, some of us ( like me) don’t. :mrgreen:

I’m not being argumentative, I’m actually not understanding the issue (and still don’t). If I did I would certainly have answered. I guess I’ll read through the threads linked to and read up on things.

Not fixed yet. Cubase 9.5 improves on this but the changes haven’t made it to Nuendo. Plugin devs have released updates recently which improve the situation.

Hey twelvetwelve,

Disappointing that it didn’t make it into N8.1.10 as promised, but at least something is being done about it.

I’ll have to stick with N7 and keep my hand on my ha’penny for now.

Many thanks for the answer.