BUG - out of sync playback of quantized (warp) audio?

not a good issue with audiowarped material - my track (bass guitar, quantized to 1/4, some iterativeQ, Q using audiowarp) is from beginning to end in sync with project, with other tracks and also waveforms in screen are correct. That’s OK. However, on playback (and bounce, render etc.), this track with warped audio material produces delays and becomes completely out of sync - delay is not constant - it continuosly increases from zero [zero is always when playback starts] to higher and higher values. For example, I hear this track in sync when playback starts, after 5 seconds is loses ~100 msec and after 10sec playback it has ~200msec delay etc. Waveforms going on screen are still correct in grid however audio is delayed. On next STOP/PLAY again delay goes to zero and increases slowly again. Cubase 7.5, latest update. Anyone noticed this?

note: To verify or reproduce this issue, the very simple way is to re-record track output (via group tack) to other track - you will instantly see delays in wafeform timings. I suppose this is somehow related with audiowarp algorithm, I remember I had similar problems already many times also with hand-warped audio but all the time did not know what is this - maybe it was wrong warping points or what? BUT NOT - it is long existing problem inside Cubase, shit…

Yep - when played back from just before the warped section, all is fine in real-time…but when rendered into WAV/MP3, timing goes awry.

yep but i can confirm bad timing of warped audio in real-time here too, for sure

Probably this one, known issue, any chance to fix it someday? Elastique pro is musical in comparison with standard mode. Any fixup would be great help, thanks!!

This comes from december 2013, 7.5.0 Version history issue & solutions:
“R-6259: Bouncing a large élastique Pro audiowarped event leads to timing inconsistencies.
Bouncing audio files using élastique as AudioWarp mode (musical mode) may result in shifted timing in the audio event. Consider using the ‘‘Standard’’ modes as musical mode before bouncing, or offline processing the event with MPEX algorithms.”


yes this has been appearing for at least five years.

the dynamic crew @ steinberg now seemed to have noticed.

lol…hope steinberg crew will now consider it a big issue