BUG: Pan and Vol display goes wrong

I’ve actually had this happen to me quite often since upgrading to Cubase 6, so I’m surprised no one else has noticed this! I just caught it happen so I thought I should report it.

Occasionally tracks mess up the display of panning and volume information. It’s like the info sent to the display data has been reset to zero or something. The tracks are in fact behaving normally. See the image below:

All audio tracks are the same - all panned center, all volume of -0db. The last two however are showing volume of -infinity and panned hard left - although they still say ‘C’ for center underneath!

To re-affirm, they are NOT set to a volume of -infinity and panned hard left, they still play back as if they were -0 and C panned. They just, for some reason, appear in the mixer as they do. I call that a bug!

This happens to me too every once in a while, but only on the output channels and only after performing a mixdown. Hiding and unhiding the output channels sets everything back to normal again. Hasn’t really bothered me enough to report it.


This happened to me a few hours ago. For me it happened on a VST instrument channel.



I’m guessing this must be a pretty obvious and simple bug.

It could at least do with being acknowledged. I’d be surprised if this hadn’t already been seen during QA.


I could not reproduce it here, but I enter this report for further investigation (28370)



Thanks Chris,

When I see it happen again, I’ll try to keep note of whether there was something I did when it happened, and see if it can be reproduceable.

I was expecting perhaps this might be a known bug.


Could you please remove the Cubase 5 & 6 prefences and trie again? We had no other reports from customers, and we are not able to reproduce it here.



On both systems?


On both systems?

Regarding removing the preferences, or that we couldn’t reproduce it ?

Should you have this problem with a project, then please attach the .cpr file in a post here, so we can have a closer look.



Before I remove my preferences, is there some info as to the side effects of doing this?

Obviously I do not want to lose things like my templates or keyboard shortcuts if I do this!

Just copy the preferences to another Folder.
Then you can copy some preferences that you need. Templates, presets, key commands…

Just wondering if there was any update on this topic? I am about to upgrade to C6. :smiley:

Must admit I didn’t try the suggested preference removal. The inconvenience of doing this outweighed the inconvenience of this occasional display bug. I’ve reported it to Steinberg, don’t feel that there is anything more to be expected of me.

I would agree with your estimation, Jez. You could though, temporarily move the prefs folder eslewhere, test for the problem, then put the original prefs folder back where it belongs, deleting the one created for the test)

Problem with looking for this kind of thing is that there’s no step by step sure way to reproduce the bug…