BUG Panning Virgin Territory Automation

Just discovered this bug in Cubase Pro 9.5.21 and reproduced by other users.
When using Virgin Territory automation and doing a pan, everytime it runs in a free (virgin territory) area (no automation data) it pans hard left while playback.
As soon there is data, it snaps to the right value. When it comes to an end point, audio (and levels in the mixer) is hard left, but the readout on the automation track is correct every time.
In Cubase 9.0 there was no issue, it worked fine. Worked on a project made in Cubase 9 and discovered that bug while playing back the track.

Short video demonstrates what I’m talking about:


Is it new in Cubase 9.5.21 or was it already in Cubase 9.5.0/10/20?

Can’t tell if this is new in 9.5.21. Didn’t want to remove the update and reinstall again.

In any case, it’s already reported to Steinberg.

And it’s not fixed in 9.5.30. Virgin territory worked so nicely when it was first introduced…