Bug: Pasting gradual dynamics loses property

C&Pig a “cresc. / dim” results in a hairpin as the “Gradual Dynamic Type” property isn’t being copied.

In a fresh project I can’t reproduce this - the properties copy and paste correctly. You’re going to need to give more details.

Works ok for me too. Are you sure you aren’t confusing it with the very annoying and well established propagation issues regarding cresc/dim/hairpins between score and parts? See this thread for examples and explanation. I always just do a select all and propagate properties before working on parts.

Within the same part. Couldn’t duplicate it right now in a tiny file, but I’ve seen it multiple times in multiple projects. I suspect there is something going on in between that breaks it.

Well, you know the old refrain (sing along now): if you want us to examine a problem that is specific to a particular project, please attach the project itself, ideally a cut-down version, so that we can look at the project itself. (I know it’s not a catchy tune, but I find myself singing it multiple times every single day, for some reason…)

Ok, I figured out how to duplicate…

The bug occurs when pasting from one part to a different part.

Dupes 100% of the time in a fresh project… see attached.

Am I misunderstanding how copy and paste works? Shouldn’t all properties be copied?
dynamic bug.zip (423 KB)

This isn’t a bug; I think you’re assuming that something works in a particular way, and it doesn’t.

Most properties are layout-specific. This gives the user a great deal of flexibility, but it’s a pain - in Dorico v1 you would actually have to set properties in the score, then switch to the part layout and set properties again there. As a medium-term fix, Edit > Propagate Properties was implemented. In the fullness of time something better is promised, but in the meantime Propagate Properties does the job. It’s a basic copy and paste - it doesn’t actually link the properties between layouts - so once you’ve edited the properties of something in the score, go Edit > Propagate Properties. If you need to edit that item’s properties again, you’ll need to Propagate Properties again.

Dynamics are a particularly gnarly one because each layout has a default Gradual style. If the default gradual style is Hairpin and you type “f cresc.” into the dynamics popover, that “cresc” is a property override even though you’ve not touched the Properties panel.

Best practice, in my view, is to set dynamics in the score, and then once you’ve nailed down the score, Select All, Filter Dynamics and go Edit > Propagate Properties. That’ll fix all the dynamics in all the parts simultaneously. I try not to bother myself with part layouts until I’ve finished the score.

Ugh. I don’t work in score at all, it’s just too slow and laggy.

The work flow I’ve developed is to create “mini scores” of 3-8 instruments - Like, I might have the Flutes and Oboes in one part, the Strings in another… with multi-bar condensing turned off. Keeps things semi-manageable.

I believe as long as you use a regular Score Layout or Part Layout (containing whatever combination of players you like), properties can be propagated. Custom Layouts don’t work in quite the same way. Do double-check this before you depend on it, though, and assign a keyboard shortcut for Propagate Properties.

Properties can be propagated from any layout to all others in which that item appears, so you should be able to propagate to and from custom score layouts with no problems.