Bug ? - "Pitch Correct" Wrongly Labels Notes


Ignoring any argument about whether you grew up with Julie Andrews or in a Gregorian Monestary (ie concept of what constitutes a minor scale aside) … Please Try this;

1.Open Pitch Shift / “Pitch correct” as an insert on any channel
2. Choose ‘Major’ - notes are all labelled nicely - All Good, but
3. Choose ‘minor’ - D key is now labelled as both D&D#, E to A are all labelled as F to B and B has no label at all
4. Choose A as the minor scale - Pure nonsense ensues.

Is this just me or is there something of a labelling issue here ?

You’re right. I mentioned this a couple of months ago and the thread turned into utter nonsence for some reason.

Bump. I can confirm this too.