BUG - PLEASE - Take a day and fix the simple stuff

The “Abort” button in the VST Manager for the VST scan does nothing. How can these simple fixes get ‘put off’? Just do it already.



+1. Very annoying

Are we there yet? :slight_smile:

Anyone? Beuller?

Bug fixes? dont be silly. Steinberg have content packs to release SMH

I agree with you 100%. Abort should work properly in the VST scan. And there are other areas such as Export Audio Mixdown after the command is executed.

However, I’m not sure it’s “simple” unfortunately. At least the Export Audio Mixdown isn’t simple or the fix would have happened years ago. How hard or actually how much resources it takes is up is for Steinberg to determine.

Lets hope abort gets higher priority.

Regardless of being difficult (which I do not believe these things would be) it is completely absurd and should be embarrassing that fundamental functioning doesn’t work. That these kinds of things do not work shows a complete lack of regard for customers or product quality.