(BUG) process - Reverse not working

It works if used with Direct offline processing but not if used under the old fashion way using the menu - Audio - Processes - Reverse



Confirmed, you have to open the direct offline processing window, add reverse, click apply…

I used to have a keycommand for Reverse…it’s broken



I have tried just now.
Both methods work here, but it takes a ridiculous 6 seconds to
apply or to reverse the process for a 3 second voice event.

Big K

Tested here. Unpredictable results. Sometimes it works…sometimes it doesn’t. Cannot find a repeatable reason. When it does work, it’s very fast here like N7. But unpredictable and actually crashes N8 on occasion. Thank God I rarely use it.

So to summarize, Reverse via the old menu works here…about 7-8 out of 10 times. And about 1 out of 20 times, it crashes N8. Note that the 2 posts here that have it working (sort of) are both PC. For those not working at all, are all Mac users? Some of you do not have your system specs in your Sig (you should…it helps with issues like this).

I do straight up music production and N8 is working fairly well for me since I don’t tend to make much use of Offline Processing (either the old or new style) nearly as much as I would in video post. But if I WAS working in video post, which is Nuendo’s main demographic, I would not be happy with N8 at all. You guys have my empathy!