BUG? PROJECT WINDOW: Removing tracks does not remove them from Visibility Tab

I just removed a bunch of tracks that were in a folder, while the Visibility tab was open.
I noticed that they were still all showing in the list…which had me confused for a bit.
I had to click the Inspector tab and then the Visibility tab again in order for it to “refresh” the changes to my track list.

Please fix this…

PS> Undoing until they were back on my track list in the project window was also not adding them back in the Visibility tab. I had to do the hack again in order for the Visibility tab to refresh.

PS2: Try this a few times… it sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. In my case these are instrument tracks nested in a folder.


This seems to me redraw issue. The Visibility is not redrawn until you click there (or any other action force to redraw the part, for example switch to Inspector and back to Visibility).

But I can’t reproduce it here on my system.

Do you mean Visibility in the Project window, right?

Yes, in Project Window.
And yes, you described accurately the issue.
2 out of 3 times I have to click the other tab to force the “redraw” on these tracks that have been deleted or undo-deleted inside a folder track.