Bug: Pulling volume bars on audio files makes fade instead

Pulling down and adjusting the volume bars (what are they called anyway?) on a piece of audio often results in a fade in or fade out instead. I’ve had this happen so many times since I started using N12. I’m surprised nobody else has reported this. This is an editing tool that is super fast and valuable. But when I’ve selected multiples of audio files and dragged the bars down like I always do, oops! There’s a fade in or out instead on all the audio files. I know how to drag the corners to add fade ins or outs but this happens when I drag it down from the center.

We’re talking about “Event Volume”? Is that what you mean?
Do you use the mouse to change it? Or do you have Nuendo set up so that you can change the volume with the mouse wheel? Is the event standing alone or are there other events to the left and right? Does this only happen when you edit multiple events at the same time? Or also when you change the volume of only one event?


It happens in both. I’ve used this convenient and much appreciate function of many versions of Nuendo/Cubase. But this issue started with N12/C12. I didn’t realize it at first until I started hearing audio fading in and fading out of eg: drum beats that I had pulled down the volume bars of .

Do I understand correctly that you can only hear the fade during playback?
So we’re not talking about the left and right fade curves changing automatically as you change the volume? (The unwanted change of the fade is NOT reflected visually.)

Oh no, I see it and hear it. When I dragged down the volume event bars on 30 selected tracks, oops! I could hear and see all thirty tracks suddenly had fade ins. The only good thing is that I could highlight all 30 and then manual change the fade in to 00 on the top menu bar. Ugh.

Ah, okay. Because that has never happened to me before. And I thought that maybe the change was only audible and not visible. Then I could have understood why no one has noticed that yet. But if you can see it because the faders move along “as if by magic”, then one or the other should have noticed it before.
I will test one of my projects to see if I can reproduce the problem.

Are you using a Mac or Windows?

Mac. Thanks for your help. I appreciate you.

I use Windows. Then I hope for your sake that this is not a Mac-only thing. :wink:


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