Bug Report Lyrics Above offset boxes

Another little thing I noticed today:

I needed to attach verse 2 and 3 to the tenor line to get extender lines, and by default they appear below the stave. So I switched them to above, however I notice that the Y offset box does not populate correctly, and thus I cannot make a micro-adjustment that would require a fraction between the current default alt+arrow nudge amount. I can move the orange lyric up and down until the cows come home but the Y value never populates.

This is not in fact a bug, though I can certainly understand why you think it to be so; the Y spin box for the Offset property is never populated for lyrics, because you cannot adjust the Y position of individual lyrics. The Y offset you can apply in Engrave mode is not a property of an individual lyric, and hence is not editable via the Properties panel.

Daniel, it would be immensely helpful to be able to display the numerical values lyric baseline offsets somewhere.