Bug report: Audio CD Report

This is a pretty minor bug but thought I would report it anyway:
In the Audio CD Report window, if I go down to input a name for the file, placing the cursor at the end and pressing backspace does remove the last letter, but adds “.pdf” to it and the cursor jumps back to the start of the name. So basically what you get is “filename.pd.pdf”. My workaround is to select the dot and forwards and press backspace. It works, it’s just a bit wonky.

I’m on WL 11.1.20, Win 10.

I’ve noticed this or something very similar as well, I just never took the time to report it.

Thanks for confirming, Justin.

This reminds me of a feature request I had a while back: automatic naming options. Example: “Side A” added to the end of the file name when making a report for CD Group A.

Yes, basically a way that the PDF could adapt the same naming scheme as the file being rendered.