Bug report: Crash when transposing passage


The project contains one instrument (the marimba) in 12tet and another in 53edo. The instruments have different key signatures. I have copied passages in from another project (which was converted from MusicXML). When I select a portion or all of the marimba part (which is in 12) and go to Write->Transpose the program crashes.

Dorico version:
OS: Windows 10
Using both Halion and NotePerformer
Project file:
Alvdans (Neod Marimba).zip (793.3 KB)
Dorico Diagnostics was too big to be uploaded on the forum, here’s a Google Drive link:

Dorico won’t be able to transpose this project sensibly, but it certainly shouldn’t crash just when you try to show the dialog. Thanks for reporting this – I’ll make sure it gets fixed.

Thanks! I think I’ve been able to transpose staves in other mixed tonality projects as long as the staves selected were all the same tonality system, but in this project something went wrong.