Bug report - cursor keys stop working when entering tuplets


Reporting a small but consistent bug (Latest version, using Windows 10):

  1. Create new score (I used Solo instrument/ Jazz Guitar)
  2. In Write Mode, hit Enter to enter note entry mode. Note that right and left arrow keyboard keys properly move the caret.
  3. Use mouse to click the Tuplets tool in the left-hand Toolbar. Right/left arrow keyboard keys stop responding.
  4. Click ESC and then Enter - doesn’t help.
  5. Use mouse to select one of the rest values and then click Enter - the arrow keys work properly again.



This is intended behaviour, not a bug. See Tuplet tool is deactivated when using arrow key - Dorico - Steinberg Forums (and please search before you post)

Oh actually, it’s not the same problem at all, and I can reproduce the issue. Thanks for the report!

The best solution for now is, after step 3, press Alt+0, the arrow keys will then work again. The Alt-0 command does set the keyboard focus on the score.

I’m really flummoxed by this - on Mac I can’t reproduce the problem!

No, this problem will affect only Windows due to the different way push buttons surrender their focus. It might be that if you have ‘Full Keyboard Access’ enabled on the Shortcuts page of the Keyboard pane in System Preferences, it could occur on Mac too, but I don’t think so.

Similar but not identical: on a Mac if I’m entering a series of triplets and go back a note with the cursor key (for a correction), once I finish the triplet I’m on, the triplet function gets turned off, rather than persisting as expected. I think this is a little bug.

See my first response at the top of this thread, and the link it takes you to - THIS is intended behaviour, not a bug.