[Bug report] Glide on multisamples makes instant CPU spike


I have attached a HALion 4.52 vst preset, all it uses a single cycle factory layer “Digi 08”.
The patch is set to heavy portamento, it is mapped between C-2 and G8

This works well below, C5. The CPU load is around 1-2% average even at B4.

Anytime I press key C5 or above, I get instant 168% CPU load on a i7 2600K and sounds distorted (May sound cool, but this is not what I want here.)

I attached the vstpreset file, please check.

Polyphonic Sample Glide.zip (8.72 KB)

Tried the vstpreset and happens to me too. Maybe it is related with using Audiowarp with very short samples.

The files Digi_H_090, Digi_H_102 & Digi_H_114 are 96k instead of 48k.
Guess the calculation cycles are a bit to much at that speed :wink: