Bug report : gliss lines and insert function


I just wanna report a bug :

When I used the insert mode (Global Adjustment of Current Bar scope), everything worked fine except lots of gliss lines are messed up in the bars following the one I added notes. I have hundreds of gliss lines to fix. They are generally attached to the note right after the one it was supposed to be originally.



EDIT : Not all gliss lines are affected. It seems to occur randomly accross the whole score.

If you can provide us with a reproducible case, we’ll be glad to look into it.

At the end of any edit that involves note-attached lines like glissandos, guitar bends, and so on, Dorico will certainly examine all affected or potentially affected lines and check whether or not they require re-attachment. Because you’re inserting time for everyone in the ensemble, really there should be nothing to do, but if you find this not to be the case, we need to see a reproducible case to investigate further.

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