Bug report: Impossible to load track presets or resize the preset window

Please check here: Cubase Pro 12 Bug: Impossible to load track presets or resize the preset window - YouTube

  • Cubase Pro 12.0.10 (PC)
  • Repro steps, none, just opening the dialog.

It happened once weeks ago but I don’t remember how to fix it. According to my vague memory, it had something to do with dragging the vertical separator (but it’s somehow gone now), so I think the root cause is about resizing. Please take a look, thank you in advance.


Have you tried to start Cubase with fresh preferences?

Thank you for the response. It fixes the problem, I did that once but the problem happened again. It will be great if there’s a permanent solution like fixing the size of the window (if it’s really big like 1200x800 then I don’t think anyone would want to resize it).

I strongly believe that it has something to do with my monitor configuration. The main monitor is 4K (150% scaling), and the secondary is 1920 (100% scaling), placed vertically on the right hand side. The “Load preset” window usually enlarge from the main monitor into the secondary monitor and I had to shrink it down manually. This happened very frequently, it doesn’t remember its size after it was closed. Actually it’s not a big problem but I wonder why it is designed that way?

No one else had this issue so I guess it doesn’t worth fixing, then I will restore the settings and just hope it won’t happen again.