[BUG REPORT] Issue with sleeping or inactivity

I have Dorico 3.5.12 freshly installed as a new purchase. Also the USB e-licenser, with eLicenser Control Centre version

Windows 10:
Edition: Windows 10 Home
Version 20H2
OS Build 19042.867
Experience Windows Feature Expansion Pac 120.2212.5510

When Dorico is inactive when I turn of the screen for a period of time, I get a never ending cycle of error dialogs, forcing me to reboot the system.

I have attached a diagnostic log and the following images show what is displayed.

Having only just bought Dorico I am dismayed by this. It makes it completely unusable. I woulkd regard this as a fairly severe defect classification.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (366.6 KB)

dorico error dialog 3 dorico error dialog 2 dorico error dialog 1

It does seen to be a problem with interaction between the e-Licenser and Dorico.

Sorry to hear about this, Andro. Unfortunately these kinds of eLicenser issues are not unheard of. In general it’s a good idea to quit Dorico before you put your computer to sleep if you’re using the USB-eLicenser. Your computer won’t automatically sleep while Dorico is running because the real-time process of its audio engine will keep it awake. But when you sleep the computer, different subsystems will sleep and wake at different points, and if the USB devices get disconnected or paused before Dorico itself does, then you will run into these kinds of issues.

If you’d be interested in trying out using the Soft-eLicenser instead of the USB-eLicenser, let me know. I could send you a time-limited activation code that you could install on your computer’s Soft-eLicenser after disconnecting your USB-eLicenser, and see if you find that works more reliably (you certainly should).


Aha. This was not about putting the computer to sleep, but merely turning off the screen, which had me deeply perplexed. How could that affect the software?

Well it turns out that I have USB ports on the side of my Dell UltraSharp monitor, very convenient. I had the USB e-licenser in there. It never occurred to me that of course when the screen is off the USB power is off also, so the e-licencer powers down. Then there must be a side case where when the power is reapplied the communications between Dorico and the USB dongle is not re-established, with disastrous consequences.

Moving the dongle to a USB port on the computer not subject to the screen power of course fixes the problem.

So, although there is an issue here, but I understand it may be a limitation of the USB protocol and not a fault in the USB dongle design, the solution is bleedingly obvious, once realised. It does not matter if this problem gets fixed, as it’s just not the correct place to put the dongle. Very stupid of me in hindsight.

Issue can be closed.

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