Bug Report: MIDI FX don't work when transport is stopped

When using the MIDI FX ChordPolyPad with Cubasis it doesn’t always work, and no audio is heard. When I press record on the Cubais transport, audio can be heard again, and then when I stop the transport it still works.

It seems what triggers it is making edits in ChordPolyPad.

There’s no transport within ChordPolyPad, as it’s not a sequencer.

This only happens in Cubasis, and not in AUM. Please fix this. Thanks.

Hi @Rerun,

Thank you for your message.

Please note that the MIDI Effects feature in Cubasis comes with several options, which determine how MIDI effects behave (Rec To Track, MIDI Thru…).

Please have a look at the MIDI Effects chapter in the Cubasis help, to learn more: MIDI Effects

Does this help to resolve the problem?


Thanks for the reply. Since the latest 3.4.3 update I cannot reproduce the bug, which was occurring after I simply made edits in ChordPolyPad AUv3 in Cubasis.

If it happens again I’ll post here.

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Hi @Rerun,

Thanks for your updated message.
Glad to read that the issue seems no longer to appear at your end.