[Bug report] Missing library on vst3sdk moduleinfoparser.cpp causes compile error

Hi! I just downloaded the SDK vst-sdk_3.7.7_build-19_2022-12-12 to build some plugins on Linux (Debian Sid) and While running cmake --build . I got

.../vst3sdk/public.sdk/source/vst/moduleinfo/moduleinfoparser.cpp:110:73: error: ‘numeric_limits’ is not a member of ‘std’
  110 |                                 if (result > static_cast<int64_t> (std::numeric_limits<T>::max ()) ||
      |                                                                         ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I fixed the issue by opening the aforementioned file and adding #include <limits> after last import. Everything ran successfully after that. I haven’t coded on C++ since like 15 years ago so excuse me if this is not the real fix or I made a mistake by running cmake wrongly.

your fix is correct, this will be included in the next SDK update.