BUG Report: stock Tuner accuracy.

The stock tuner seems to be far from accuracy.

I gave up on it years ago. It seemed hyper-sensitive and jumped around too much. Probably haven’t tried it since Cubase 7 or earlier.

Been using the free GTune https://www.gvst.co.uk/gtune.htm

Thanks for the steer raino.

I just tried the G tune and it does appear more stable than the stock tuner. Interestingly I tried them side by side and there was quite a large difference, between the two, of up to 15 cents, which doesn’t make sense?

As you recommended, I will continue using the G tune as it’s not so unstable as the stock tuner.

Maybe the Steinberg tuner needs updating???

Jim B

Is there a good mac alternative?

I tried sending both tuners test tones for several pitches. With a source that doesn’t vary at all they both immediately latch on to the correct pitch - as you’d expect. But a real guitar string of course has its pitch & harmonics moving around. Never thought about it but that implies the tricky part of designing a tuner is how to best take into account that variation.

and what about the tuner in VST-Amp Rack?

Gotta say for me the first one I used and liked is the one I still use. Didn’t feel the need to search for anything better.

I normally use a headstock clip on tuner, which is spot on for both tuning and guitar set up adjustment, but I lent it to a relative and I wanted to adjust the tension rod on my Strat which would affect the intonation.

Thats when I discovered the “skitishness” (is that even a word??) of the stock tuner, so followed rainos tip on G tune!

I use Slinky 9s on my Strat and there are some harmonic and pick up interference variations which would seem to play havoc with tuning.

Thinking about it, my clip on tuner would naturally reduce the variations as its reading the pitch through the headstock its clipped to and not through the pup signal.

I think the amp rack tuner is the stock one but I’ve never tried it so I’m not sure!

Interesting, I have another outboard tuner which is using the pup signal. I’ll do a little test and see how the three tuners compare.

Best regards all,

Jim B

In order to have a tuner that doesn’t jump around too much it’s like they need to add a ‘compressor’ that works in the frequency domain.

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On a strat you need to make sure the pickups are low enough on the bass side so as not to attract the strings too much.
When they are too close, you can clearly see how the string sustain and harmonic vibration is affected