Bug report + Suggestions:

One thing that doesn’t make sense to me; for example, I’m at bar 12, editing a sample there, after I close Sample Editor and move the cursor to bar 30, checking another sample and I think I want to see it more clearly. When I open the Sample Editor window, it’s still at bar 12. It should show the sample I want to check, at the bar I want to see it. Currently, I have to press the space bar twice to play and stop at bar 30 so I can check it. It’s not a big deal but I don’t understand what’s the benefit of keeping it at bar 12?

Suggestion #1: in the Audio Connections window, we can save and call presets of each tab separately. Is it possible to save/load presets that affect all tabs at once? I think I have just 2-3 scenarios and I need just 3 presets, not 3 presets for each tab. I don’t know if most users agree with me, but I know I will like it.

Suggestion #2: VST Connect has a command “check and repair configuration”. I use it very frequently because it repairs the connection, but it didn’t tell us what is the problem. I want to know the root cause and do it myself next time, so I can understand it better and probably find out better configurations for me. I have more than 10 sessions each month but I still can’t make it work without using the command. I also want it to keep the cue I sent and talkback statuses after I applied this command, so I don’t have to check everything once again.

Thank you in advance.