Bug Report: The imported midi has no velocity infomation

Drum 2.mid (1.1 KB)
Hi, I find the imported midi tracks have no velocity in Dorico 4.2. Please use the *.mid file to test on your side. The mid file has been imported into Cubase to verify there is velocity inside. I want to whether there is any walkaround for this issue. How soon this will be fixed?

My setting:
macOS Monterey version 12.4 (21F79)
Dorico Version (Jul 12 2022)

My experience with importing MIDI files into Dorico is minuscule, so this a bit of a guess, but the answer to your question might be in the MIDI Import Options window which opens up after you have chosen a MIDI file to import. At the bottom of that window is a section called Import Options (you might have to scroll down to see it). Under Performance, there is a check-box for “Preserve note velocities”.


Yes, Steven is absolutely right. If you ensure Preserve note velocities is activated in MIDI Import Options, you’ll find those velocities are all imported as you expect.

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Hi, I have tried Steven’s method. It does not work as expected. Please try it using the midi file I provide on your side.

Hi, Steven. Thank you for the reply. I tried and it does not work on my computer.

I imported the MIDI file Drum2.mid with Preserve note velocities NOT checked.
The result is shown in the pic. below.
It appeared to import correctly.

Is it the same file that gave you the problem? The list of instruments in the kit appears to be different.

As I have had very little experience with MIDI importing and MIDI in general, the odd behaviour you are experiencing would be better investigated by someone else who is much more familiar with MIDI than I am.

Have you tried experimenting with the various other options in the MIDI Import window? There are quite a few. It is possible that one (or more) of these options might be affecting how the file is imported on your setup.

Dorico on MacOS 11.6.8.

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If the Silence playback template is applied, there won’t be any velocities shown in the key editor panel in the lower zone. Go to Play>Playback Template and apply the HSSE template for your edition of Dorico. Do you now see the velocities in the lower zone?


Hi, Johnkprice.

Yes. You are right.

I hope the velocity is always active for reviewing and editing even in silent mode.

This is unlikely to change, at least in the near future.

Instead of using the key editor panel, you can use the properties panel to view or change the velocity of a selected note even if the Silence playback template is applied.