Bug report: two simultaneous vertical lines

I’ve got a reproducible problem (assuming bug) when using two simultaneous vertical lines at the same rhythmic position in a grand staff instrument, when using the ‘Right side’ property.


  1. Add chord to right hand of piano, then to left hand.
  2. Select right hand chord, add ‘solid vertical line with left-pointing hooks’ (using mouse from right-hand panel)
  3. Select the line, toggle on the ‘Side’ property and select ‘Right’
  4. Do steps 2 and 3 again but now with the left-hand chord


The line on the top staff shifts again to the right, so that it now misaligned, when the ‘Right’ side property is selected for the second chord (see attached image)

It’s not a biggie, as I can nudge the line back into place in Engrave mode, but thought I ought to flag it up, just in case this one hasn’t come up before. Likewise, please let me know if this is user error rather than a bug.

Many thanks!
Screenshot 2020-11-12 at 18.21.31.png

Yes, this is a known issue with vertical lines shown on the right-hand side of a chord. We’re hoping to address this in a future version.

Thanks for the confirmation, and apologies for adding some additional noise to the forum!