Bug report: VST rack slots stay frozen forever

I closed a project where most of the plugins in the VST Instrument rack were frozen (large VSL libraries), then I created a new project.

Now I can’t use the rack slots that where previoulsy frozen in the old project. Once I assign a plugin to a slot, I can’t do anything more since the slot is marked as frozen and locked. This happens only when freezing with the “unload instrument when frozen” option turned ON.

I can exit Cubase and run it again to sort the bug, but this states clearly that when you close a project and create or load a new one the VST rack may not be set properly. If instead of creating a new project you load another one, the slots will still be locked. The only way you can unlock the slots reloading Cubase.

Steps to reproduce the bug:

  • Open Cubase 6.0.4 and create a new project.
  • Insert a plugin into the first slot of the VST rack (ie. Halion One)
  • Record something, and freeze the slot with the option “unload instrument when frozen” turned ON.
  • Close the project
  • Create a new project
  • Insert a plugin into the first slot of the VST rack (ie. Halion One)

Result: you can’t operate the inserted plugin, since it is marked as frozen, but can’t be unfrozen. You can’t change the plugin once it’s been inserted either, as the rack slot is completely locked.



Yes…reproduces here.

And here


Just for good measure, here too.



This seems to meet ALL the requested rules for a bug post, can any one NOT reproduce this after step by step?


I tried the steps also and I seem to get the same result described. The “edit instrument” button is greyed out and the “open device panels” button does nothing. The instrument does NOT show as frozen but it seems that it is.
Also can’t “unload” the instrument.

I tried this on a Mac. The results (as what I’m assuming are all PC reports) are the same except the VST slot in the new project is not marked frozen. The formerly frozen VST slot appears normal, but nothing can be loaded into it. It is unusable.

Confirmed (29469)

Thank you Chris.

Can you have a look also to this other bug, please?


Funniest with this problem is that, Cubase freezes when open Halion Sonic. It opens almost every other VST instrument, but it freezes when I try to open it. :imp: