Bug report

Maybe this could be a bug?
Here’s what I did:

I wanted to render a stereo audio file, 48k/24bit/wav, which was recorded in ProTools.
(In ProTools, stereo files are dual-mono files and not interleaved.)
So, in WaveLab, I dragged the .L and .R files from the File Browser to the wave editor.
I trimmed the beginning of the file for about 200ms, and then I did ‘save as’ to save the trimmed file in new name.
Now, when I played back the new renamed file, the left and right channel weren’t in sync.
When I closed the file and re-opened it, it was playing normally.
It was reproducible with my other dual-mono files as well.

I’m using MacPro with OS 10.6.6, WaveLab ver 7.1.

A lot of my projects are received as dual mono from ProTools files and do this all the time (love how you can do this in WL).

FWIW, on my Windows system I have not come across this.

I wasn’t quite sure if you meant individual or stereo trims, but after trying it with stereo trim, you’re right. I get the same thing on Windows XP. If you open the dual mono’s as a stereo wav, trim the beginning and “save as”, it shifts the right channel to the right by the amount you’ve trimmed (in other words, it’s playing back the right channel without the trim). As you say, closing and reopening the file makes it as it should be.

Yes, that is exactly what I did. Glad to know it wasn’t just me.
Maybe it is fixed in ver. 7.1.1 ??

No it’s the same in 7.11. You might want to submit it to Support to fix it.

Where should I post this report?

Here it’s enough for me :wink:

Thanks Philippe :smiley: