Bug reports - how?

What is the correct protocol and procedure for reporting bugs in Dorico?

My new Dorico 3.5.12 continually throws up a cascade of never ending error dialogs when returning from the screen being turned off, having been left alone for some time (which is very weird). [I am aware this sounds ridiculous but it is deterministic and can be demonstrated at will.]

Hi Andro!
You can post diagnostics here (help menu>create diagnostic files), and if you happen to have one, a reproductible scenario with a .dorico file demonstrating it.

Thanks. It’s not project related, it’s about sleeping. I just found another extensive thread here about this same issue. I have to reboot the system to make Dorico usable again. Not entirely happy about this having spent a lot of money to buy Dorico yesterday. Hopefully we can get it sorted. I will post screen shots of the error dialogs - which are themselves messed up and faulty.

By all means post screenshots of your error messages, but please do also do as Marc suggests and create a set of diagnostics via Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach that here, too.