BUG/REQUEST: Commit XML preference changes immediately

OK, this is one of those minor things that has been bugging me for a long time, but compounds enough over time that I want to throw my keyboard through my monitor by now. I can’t count the number of times this has happened.

  1. Change a Cubase Preferences setting. (Or something else… Media Bay? VST Presets? I haven’t tried everything but I suspect this isn’t just limited to Preferences.)
  2. Cubase crashes (for some reason… name one… there’s a 1000 reasons for Cubase to crash)
  3. Re-launch Cubase
  4. Preference changes were not saved.

This is obviously indicative of the fact that preferences (among many things, if I’m correct) are only committed to disk upon successfully quitting Cubase.

Obvious work-around: Quit and re-launch Cubase every time you make a preference change. But that really shouldn’t be necessary, and can be very time consuming with large project load times. This is (supposedly) a professional piece of software. Can prefs not just be committed upon hitting Apply or OK in the prefs window? Anyone? Anyone?

Not sure if this is a Mac-specific area of concern (maybe the PC version commits to registry or whatever immediately… or maybe on quit… I can’t remember as it’s been years since I used a PC DAW)

+1 to all that…

I think the “recent files” list is unreliable for the same reasons you describe.
It appears this list is only updated on successful (normal) cubase program close. So if cubase has crashed, then the list never gets updated, and is left containing old information.

Several times I have opened a file in the “recent files” list and then some time later realised I have been working for an hour on an older version of the project! (I like to bump my version numbers frequently)

The recent files list should be updated once a project has successfully been opened, not when cubase is successfully closed.

So basically, I am now in the habit of ignoring what the recent files list says, and instead opening the file manually with File->Open.

Shouldn’t be so hard to fix??


Yes please, very very please. Also the recently opened projects window doesn’t contain the track you were working on if you started on it in the previous session and then crashed.
Just installed Cubase artist 6 64 and I’m currently setting everything up again. Trying how well all plugins are doing in 64bit and changing preferences whenever I come across something. Some plugins didn’t make the move and crash cubase… See if you can remember what preference changes I made that time… :imp: