BUG sampler track audio warp "solo" mode silent when reopen song

Happens a lot to me - perhaps mostly using pieces of long samples.

When song gets saved with “solo” mode the sample will not play when reopening the song.

Switching to “music” mode, saving, reopening, switching back to solo mode will make the track play again.

Happened many many times with a lot of different samples.

This song was created in 9.0 but opened now in 9.5

I can’t confirm that it happens in solo mode but I can confirm it does happen. It’s random…sometimes the track won’t make a sound if I start playback from KeyEditor when editing another track (which isn’t set to Solo mode or someting like that). Something fishy is going on here.

I also noticed a similar behaviour for duplicated instrument track and I’m 100% sure I did use duplicate on that problematic sampler track. So the culprit might even be in duplicating the track?

Steinberg - this is stil not fixed on latest update.

Any news?

Holy crap. Thank you for this workaround.

Huge project, lots of samples, sampler tracks, and recorded audio. One wasn’t working, and I had no idea what to do. Thank you!!

I’m having the same issue in Cubase 10.

Same. Formant it’s not reading formant automation.

Yep same issue here with Cubase 10 Pro

The automation and sample were set up in Cubase 9 pro as well.