BUG - Save as

In the audio editor window the manual typing of the path of the “save as” function does not work as expected and as used to from WL8.5: Instead of saving under the new path typed in, WL9 saves under the path previously used.
I have not yet tested if this is the same in audio montage window or when using the render function.

You’re right. Will be fixed. In the mean time, you could use this option:
And call “Save As” from a shortcut (or from the quick access button of the toolbar).

Another one of the most basic funktions that is broken… Absolutely unbelievable

At the moment I am considering taking a lawyer and sue my money back.

Note that the “Save As” path is taken into account if you browse to the desired folder, using standard methods. It’s only if you type the path with the keyboard, that the path is not taken into account. This is not so usual, this is why, I guess, this was not reported before.