Bug: Scaled notes affect dots for other non-scaled notes

Note how the dot is scaled (cue size) with the blue note, but also the dot for the green notes. This is not correct.
Here is the blue note no scaled

where you can see the correct size of the dot for the green note.

If you select a small scale factor it is even more clear;

Flipping the stem gives;

That is very odd.

Can anyone confirm this error and perhaps also give a solution until this is fixed in the software?

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I reproduce this in Dorico 4. (5, anyone?) It does appear to depend on the actual stem direction rather than nominal stem direction. It seems particularly odd that the dot size changes together even when they don’t share a voice column.

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Dorico intentionally makes all of the augmentation dots at the same rhythmic position have the same size to avoid situations like this:

I think your example is correct.

looks ridiculous.

How did you manage to mix normal and smaller dots?

I created a new paragraph style with Bravura Text as the font and 25pt staff-relative as the size. I selected a note which needed a normal-sized dot, made an instance of staff text containing the character augmentationDot (U+E1E7) and changed the paragraph style to the one I just created. Finally, I turned off collision avoidance for the staff text and positioned it over the smaller dot in engrave mode.

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Thanks for the solution.
I hope the Dev. Team corrects this error in the next version.