Bug? Selecting soloed tracks within folder tracks


When I click on the solo button of a folder track, every track in it are in solo. Ok. But when I click on one of those tracks name, it removes the solo state of all the other tracks to solo the one I clicked on it… although I only wanted to select the track and not change the solo state of any track.

When I solo each track from the folder one by one, I can select any track without changing the solo state.

So why is Cubase behaving like this with folder tracks? Did I miss some option in the preferences?

EDIT: I did a video of what I’m talking about. Remember I’m working with these preferences settings:


Not logical to me so I consider it a bug. Minor bug, ok, but still.

Solo on Select

Seems like you didn’t read my post.

How about “Select channel/track on solo”?

That was it man, thanks!

No worries :slight_smile:

Well that wasn’t it. :confused: Now when I have a track in solo, if I’m selecting another track, it doesn’t solo it.

Maybe you would have to trash your prefs.

Does seem rather strange though.

You can’t reproduce it ? It’s rather quick to test:

  • create 5 midi tracks
  • create a folder track
  • put all the midi tracks in the folder
  • solo the folder track
  • select one of the tracks by clicking on its name

It should remove the solo state of all the other tracks from the same folder.

On the other hand,

  • solo all the tracks in the folder one by one
  • select on of the tracks by clicking on its name
  • the solo states from each track is kept

Nobody can confirm this?

Ok, firstly I notice that doing as you describe does NOT remove solo state from all other tracks in the same folder. However, should it…?

OK, so you examined your preferences - and what have you got them set to now…?

Me…? I don’t have ‘Select Channel/Track on solo’ checked; I don’t have ‘Enable solo on selected track’ checked

Still with my preference settings above, this I find true.

However, something strange for me now - when I check ‘Enable solo on selected track’, it does NOT work as the help says it should. I happily select tracks all day long, none get solo’d. It also changes nothing in behaviour, as to both scenarios described above… (or, ‘Select Channel/Track on solo’ - no difference to behaviour seen). Strange indeed.

Sorry, not sure if I’ve really helped… :confused:

You’re right, I should have stated the preferences I’m using, so here we go:

I can confirm what you experience and I think it can be summed in this sentence: (?)

When using “Enable Solo on Selected Track”, tracks which are globally soloed by a folder track behave the same way muted tracks are if you try to select them.

If you play around with it a while outside a folder track you get the hang of it. Only muted tracks get exclusive solo when selected, already soloed tracks can be selected without altering solo states.
Not quite a bug I’d say.


Edited for clarification

Still, this is not logic to me, why would there be a different behavior for folders? Like I said, when I’m soloing tracks manually, I can select one track among these without removing the solo state of the others… but NOT when I hit the solo button of a folder track.

I wouldn’t say that it’s more or less logical than any other solution, it’s just one behavior against another. There are so many different ways you could configure the solo/mute functionality in Cubase there will probably never be a “one size fits all” solution.


Personally I don’t think Folder Tracks should have a solo “state” but rather are mere transparent containers and have no functional purpose other than simple colors.

I think I agree. A folder should just be a folder. Functionality seems more in line with a group track?

Muting and soloing aside, they also allow arming and recording of all enclosed tracks for recording. Returning them mere containers would loose us a lot of functionality.

I see nothing wrong in soloing working on folders. The problem is again down to the fact that the inherent built in logic of the system is flawed. If they could finally fix it properly, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

In that case I’d rather have folders only arm tracks for recording and steinberg provide a decent implementation of VCA’s as well to only use folders if they have some kind of audio grouping functionality.

Ok, you don’t seem to understand so I did a video of what I’m talking about. Remember I’m working with those preferences settings: http://img577.imageshack.us/img577/253/capturersg.png


Not logical to me so I consider it a bug. Minor bug, ok, but still.