Bug:Serious Audio Glitches And Lag

Ok this will probably be my last bug report for obvious reasons once you watch the video. If Steinberg wants to refund me for Cubasis 3 and put me on their payroll or offer some other kind of compensation for beta testing I’ll leave the app on my machine and do further testing.

  1. Summary/Title
    Attempting to edit or move knobs in any of the 3 FX inserted on the master channel results in serious lag and audio glitches.

  2. Description
    Please see video below.

  3. Expected Results
    Was expecting to be able to adjust various parameters of inserted FX smoothly like when the song is imported back to Cubasis 2 and the FX parameters are adjusted.

  4. Actual Results
    Please see video below.

  5. Environment
    Second generation 12.9” iPad Pro with 4gb ram/IOS 13.2.2