[BUG] Shift-tab in markers window hangs Nuendo

  1. Open markers window
  2. Click in text field to edit
  3. Hit “shift-tab”


  • Spinning beach ball, Nuendo hangs


  • Tab advances to next field, shift-tab reverses to previous field.

Tab forward by field is working correct. This is Mac 5.1.0.


Cannot confirm.

Hmm. Happened three times in a row for me. Project has user-defined marker attributes and video. Maybe that makes a difference? No time to repro again and risk hanging now.


Upload this project to test (only project file)

can’t repro that here either.


Works flawlessly with your project as well.

Well, Rustami, I see you are on Windows, so that could be it. But thanks for trying.

Max, I see you’re on Mac like me. If you get bored and want to try to crash Nuendo maybe you could have a try with my project?

Or maybe it was just a ghost. But it literally did happen three times in a row…I swear…


just tried it. worked perfectly.

You guys are no help!

Thanks for trying. Maybe I’ll figure out how to repro it…