Bug: Slash regions shift w/ prev. bars removed

It would be great to make the slash regions impervious to earlier measure and metric changes.

In my last score I have placed slash region in the second part of 6/4 bar. This was repeating from time to time in the score. Preceding the bar was couple bars of 4/4 that I afterwards deleted. This made the slash region shift its start and endpoints so that it spanned several measures, eventually stacking on top of next slash regions, to a maximum of 3 layers of slash regions.
This then had to be deleted, and reinputted.

Thanks, Nikola

You shouldn’t need to delete and reinput the slash region, since you can resize and move it both with the mouse and the keyboard.

In general things don’t snap to bars in Dorico because that goes against the grain of allowing you to work freely in open meter and to change the meter without penalty.

I cannot reproduce this bug after converting my file to Dorico 2.1. So I consider this topic irrelevant now.

But in the previous version I had dozens of slash regions, each displaced to a new position, independenly of music that was with it. It looked like a huge penalty to me - to the extent that I was scared and decided not input slash regions up until the last moment, which is cumbersome for me because it is against my working order and can lead to some of them to be left out by accident.
Grabbing the handles between notes is not very pleasant experience too. So the fastest method was highlighting a fragment of the slash region that was relatively alone, and delete the whole thing.