Bug: SpectraLayers One 7 - Hard PC reboot after "Unmix Vocals"

*Note that the suggestions are accompanied by an open question; for users to share what other software they know could affect CPU settings.

Basically you could set specific power plans for differing usage needs. Note that existing plans can be modified entirely. I have a High Performance plan, a Power saver, a Media Playing (where you don’t pause while the laptop lid is closed), etc.

For Processor Power Management --at High Performance-- you set the Min to 100% and the Max to 100% as well, so the CPU doesn’t go to to rest (watch your T°s afterwards) this also lowers DPC risks. */1
At Power saver plan you may set Min 0% (or 10% as I do) so to lower electricity consumption and T°s.
For PCI I always go for the less restrictions and max configuration, since at audio your system needs the less latency and the best information flow you may attain.

However, particularly in the last decade CPUs have wildly varying specifications. Each architecture has brought novel protocols and ways to improve processing, power efficiency, security, memory and single/multicore handling…
Which means your personal results may vary according to your system, hence test it for yourself. For that, you may take it to extremes and then carefully measure. We are finding out that SL 7 is quite a strict test, while performance environments like Live, Djing, Recording, have always been that way.

*/1 Intel’s Turboboost is known to cause DPC spikes in audio, so it is recommended to be turned of.


I solved this problem by disabling HiDPI

Sorry but disabling HiDPI made no differecne for me, re-launched cubase then still got a hard restart after I pressed unmix vocals.
I don’t see why we should be reinstalling the operating system and messing around in our bios, Steinberg should just fix this asap, it’s unusable.

Hi seanbrennan please see the other topic: SpectraLayers Pro 7 system reboot when unmixing Stems

The solution is to fix your CPU voltage in the BIOS.
Turns out the systems showing this behavior have underpowered CPUs which can’t handle all the cores being used simultaneously at the max of their capacity. Fortunately it can be fixed by adjusting the CPU voltage setting (see replies in the post to see how, it seemed to have fixed it for everyone so far).

Thanks Robin, but I’d rather not be changing settings in my Bios and overclocking my CPU, it’s something that I don’t want to risk, especially given that this is the only thing on my PC that causes a hard crash.
For your info, my bios settings are all Auto.

Is this being fixed in future updates so we don’t have to change our computer settings as a workaround?

There will be a change of AI library in the next version (likely going from TensorFlow to ONNX), so the AI job will be computed differently, which could help with your issue, but beware that any job on your computer that requires full CPU cores usage might run into the same power issue.

It transpires that Unmix Stems was exposing problems with my CPU. These have now been resolved and I’m happy to report that I’m no longer experiencing blue screens when using the unmix functions in SL7.


Happy to report that I fixed the issue of hard restarts while using Unmix vocals by simply disabling ‘Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology’ [Disabled]. This is found in your bios settings.

Works like a charm now and no need to increase CPU power either.
Hope that helps someone else.

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Fixed for me too. Change of PCs PSU has fixed the error. I wished I could edit my opening posting, but it is not possible for me. Probably a moderator can help.

SL is very demanding regarding your computer’s CPU when unmixing vocals. Even more demanding than renowned benchmark / burn-in tools like Prime95 including AVX. SL was rebooting my computer while Prime95 still ran absolutely fine. Two months later, my PC showed the same behavior in Prime95 with AVX/AVX2 enabled.

I am very sorry for calling this a software bug. It isn’t. SL simply is the Steinberg product that completely maxes out your CPU and demands an absolutely stable and correctly configured system. SL7 is the perfect tool to verify this. If I buy a new computer, first thing I will do from now on: Install SL and unmix vocals from a long song. If it crashes, return it.

My apologies to Robin.

@Timo No worries, glad it works on your machine now !

definitely need the right system to enter the matrix…

Same problem here on my four windows PC. :scream:

Hi @davaakhuudson, check the thread for the solution (CPU voltage setting in the BIOS).

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Same problem here… On Windows 10 20H2


disabling ‘Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology’ didn’t work here…

What are the specs needed for Spectrallayers One?

IMHO this should just work on an otherwise great working “Cubase machine”… If the main app works, this SHOULD JUST WORK… and there should NOT be any reason to why Spectrallayers One should be the only app and/or plugin on my system that needs any kind of special BIOS treatment.

If disabling “Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology” didn’t fix it for you, here are other solutions that users found to fix it:
Switching from custom CPU settings to Auto.
Increasing the CPU Voltage to 1.3.
Replacing the PSU by a stronger one.

Please understand it’s a hardware/system failure here under heavy computation load, not a software issue. The only way to fix it is to fix the system or hardware.

Is a single file/song within a project is considered “heavy computation” when unmixing vocal?
Where is the prerequisite for the Spectralayer One 7 mentioned?

So on my otherwise great working system (never had a crash ever) the only one plugin/app that don’t work is this one???
With this much hassle to get an app working inside Cubase it should never been included…

What’s 100% certain is that I don’t wanna “mess” with my system just to get this one plugin going… If my computer specs don’t match the prerequisite for Spectralayer One 7, then so be it. But where can I find this info?

The unmixing process is indeed the most intensive, using all SIMD acceleration from your CPU on all cores at once. Under the hood, it’s running the Tensorflow library to do the computation, and this library use every bit of acceleration available. Running AI models can be extremely intensive due to the number of calculations involved.
The prerequisite for SpectraLayers One 7 can be found here: System Requirements

I’ve noticed on my own system, i9 9900k @ 5GHz, that my temps increase very quickly with this, it’s the same with iZotope Rx8 advanced, with Rx though there is the option to pause processing, which i use to let things cool down before restarting the process. I find i might need to do this 3 or 4 times but it works!
AFAIK i9 CPUs are designed to shut down when they get too hot as a safety mechanism to stop them being damaged.
Could we not have a pause function in a similar vein? Seems to be the simplest way around the issue.