Bug: Staff Spacing Resets on Edit

I’m finishing up a project, and getting supremely frustrated. Every time I adjust staff spacing, and then move any other element, the spacing resets. Every time. Any help you can give me?

This might not be what you have in mind, but I was having problems with spacing, and then I decreased the staff size a little (the built-in rastral sizes work well) and got everything to work without adjusting staff spacing.

I did just try moving some stuff around in Engrave mode, and I didn’t see the staff spacing reset after I moved a hairpin (although it did move around a bit because of dragging the hairpin vertically, but I think that’s supposed to happen). Is there anything specific you were trying to move?

Tony, you certainly shouldn’t be experiencing that. You will find that changes to vertical spacing get reset if the casting off of the music changes, i.e. you end up with different bars on the system, but not even all casting off changes will cause the spacing to be reset. Can you zip up and attach the project in which you’re having this problem, and provide details of which layout you’re looking at and what exactly you’re doing, and I’ll take a look and see what might be going on.

This is the same file Ulf is trying to help me with; methinks I’ve screwed it up somewhere.

Thanks for attaching your project. So far, however, I’ve been unable to reproduce any problem with the vertical spacing. Can you now provide me with a simple set of steps that would allow me to reproduce the problem, e.g. which layout you’re looking at, the system beginning with which bar you’re adjusting, and how (e.g. are you dragging the large system handle or one of the smaller staff handles, are you using Alt-drag or just regular drag, etc.), and then what edit you’re making (in which mode, and which item you’re adjusting, and how) that causes the spacing to be reset?

Figures. I can’t get it to occur again either! Maybe you scared it. In any case, thanks for checking as always, and if it happens again I’ll update this thread.

I have the same problem. I’m trying to move staff 3 and 4 on page 2 to make room for the text (the simulated chords) and when I turn of staff spacing they reset themselves when I try to move an object like Text.
Score attached…

Another thing - why is everything else turned off when staff spacing is turned on ?

drømte mig en drøm i nat.zip (778 KB)

I’m afraid I can’t reproduce the problem, Mads. Would you be able to take a quick screen capture video (if you don’t already have a preferred tool for this, try Jing) and post it somewhere so I can see what you’re doing?

Editing staff spacing, like editing frames, is approached in a modal fashion in Dorico, so that you can’t accidentally edit a different kind of notation while you’re focused on a particular task.

done - check mail…

Following your exact steps shown in your video, I still can’t reproduce the problem. Tony found that when he closed and reopened the project, the problem went away for him; do you find the same?

yes I do :slight_smile:
btw - that jing program leaves a lot of marketing junk on the computer…

Sorry, I barely use Windows any longer (except when I really have to) so I’m out of touch with these kinds of utilities. Perhaps the open source CamStudio would be a better recommendation for this kind of thing in future.

Ward-staffspacingissue02.zip (428 KB)
Happened again, Daniel. I’ve attached the file. For obvious reasons, I needed to stretch spacing between systems 1 and 2; had to re-do it several times, then it reset again when I printed.

happens again here too… - closing and reopening helps but only for a while.

We will look into this more closely and see if we can reproduce these problems in-house.

maybe it has something to do with setup/layout options/vertical spacing/vertical justification ?

This is happening to me as well, on iMac.

We have established the cause of this problem and it will be fixed in the next bug fix update. Unfortunately it’s difficult to work around because it is caused by having viewed the layout that you are editing in galley view during the current session of working on your project. If you have had the current layout open in galley view since you opened your project, then the staff spacing edits will be cleaned up incorrectly because Dorico is mistakenly trying to apply them to galley view, which has only one system, and so the edits cannot be applied properly.

The workaround would be to avoid opening galley view for any layout in which you have made edits to staff spacing, which may be difficult to accommodate in your workflow.

This bug will be fixed in the next update, which is hopefully no more than two to three weeks away, all being well.

Please remember amid our sea of problems and complaints that we think you and your team are spectacular. Thank you, Daniel.