BUG: "Tacet" displays wrongly

I have encountered a reproducible bug.

As you can see, “tacet” appears for that player when chosen in a layout frame of a layout he/she is not assigned to.
When assigning the layout, the content appears as it should.

When undoing this action manually (by clicking the box again), not “tacet” appears. This, I presume, is what should have happened in the first place, as for me the tacet was very misleading.


Also you can get it back again by deassigning the flow to the layout and reassigning it then.


Also: why can I select a player in a layout, which he/she is not assigned to? Same goes for flows.

Welcome to the forum, Sascha. Can you check those GIFs? They seem to be giving errors here…

yes, sorry, I am new to that whole gif thing.

first: https://media.giphy.com/media/XEI3EG5dziGZIBZLwc/source.gif

second: https://media.giphy.com/media/RKTShGK5x6wgM06qre/source.gif

I think you need to attach the project. (You have to zip up the .dorico file to do that).

With so many text and music frames on one page, it’s almost impossible to guess what it going on.

I have attached a .zip file of a new project, specifically designed to reproduce this bug.
Open it and follow the instructions on the layout “Custom Layout”.
tacetbug.dorico.zip (501 KB)

I know that Dorico 3.1 overshadowed this thread - and rightfully so. I think this is just a bug and hope the development team is somewhat aware about this now.

You don’t need to bump threads: I keep threads with problems that still need investigation open here and I will always come back to them, even if it takes some time.

I’ve now had a chance to look at this, and can confirm the problem. It’s what we call an invalidation bug, which means that the problem state is only a transitory one: if you close and reopen the project when it’s in the state where no tacet appears, you will see that the tacet does reappear. Obviously it ideally shouldn’t go wrong under any circumstances, so I’ve made a note of this for us to look into the cause in the future.

thanks for letting us know (and sorry for the late reply). But shouldn’t no tacet be the default here? Tacet for me implies, that the player isn’t assigned to the flow, while here he isn’t assigned to the layout in the first place.