BUG ? tempo mismatch & not set & timebase instead of bar


First, I like very much this product. I use it almost anytime as a remote control to cubase when playing (much more convenient for basic commands than reaching the mouse and keyboard)…

But I found some issue with tempo setting (didn’t find in the help nor in this forum).

  1. [BUG ?] the tempo displayed on top is not correct :
    in this exemple below, it should be 76 bpm, as set by the tempo track on cubase.
    I can verify that it follows the changes of the tempo track but the number is not correct.

  2. [Design issue ?] The time base, is only displayed in seconds in the lower part (circle in red).
    I see that by typing on the big number on top, I can switch from bar to seconds, but it is not changed below. I would prefer to have the default in bars and display the real time only when needed.


  3. [Design ?] Not possible to change tempo when using a tempo track.
    I know there is a design miss in Cubase 10 with tempo in tempo track that can not changed through a key command or a fader from an external device (https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=283&t=147700), but I also noticed that it is the same with cubasis, even if I set tempo like below, nothing changes in cubase (when tempo track is used).
    It would be nice to be able to change the tempo event just before the cursor…

==> I meant CUBASE IC not Cubasis (is there a way to move this topic ?)

I’n having that bug here as well. The tempo is completely wrong and the time base is in seconds instead of bars/beats. Any help Steinberg?