Bug: Text edit moves chord symbols

I seem to remember other versions of this issue being brought up before, but wasn’t able to find any search results.

In the attached file, the chord symbols move upwards when a text item is added and then manipulated in seemingly any way. Only closing and reopening the file brings the symbols back to their default position, until the text is edited again.
Fixed Soprano Walk.dorico.zip (610 KB)

Thanks for reporting this. Dorico can be somewhat prone to these kinds of bugs due to the way it tries to minimise the range over which it needs to take edits into account, and when the semantic range and the graphical range of an edit get out of step, things can behave somewhat unstably. However, in the case of your project I’m not able to reproduce the problem. Could you provide a couple more detailed steps to reproduce the issue? Thanks!

Thanks, Daniel.

Unfortunately, the problem fixed itself once I entered a fixed time signature, so I’m guessing that has something to do with it.
Though, I must admit that I’m not able to reproduce the problem, at least not without replicating the original file exactly, which I’m not prepared to do at the moment.

It’s strange that you’re unable to reproduce the problem within the attached file. After downloading and opening it, I tried only moving the text item with shift-alt-right arrow in engrave mode, and the chord symbols moved just like before.

Do you mean Ctrl+Alt+right arrow, rather than Shift+Alt+right arrow? Shift+Alt+right arrow doesn’t do anything specific in Engrave mode, at least not using the default key commands.

Sorry, Daniel, I meant command+option+right arrow.

OK, thanks. I still can’t reproduce this, but I’ll give it a go on a Windows machine later on.

OK, thanks.

Just to be clear, I’m on a Mac.