BUG: Text popup out of reach

Hi Dorico,

Little bug to report. When entering text (shift-X) on right side of the last page of a document, the text popup gets partly hidden, outside of the screen. Since it is the last page, it is impossible to scroll the document more to the right to show the rest of the the popup, thus some formatting buttons stay out of reach. This is very annoying and there has been a couple where I had to enter my text somewhere else on the page and then cut/paste it, because I couldn’t format it the way I wanted in place. Logically, I’d expect the popup to be immediately fully in view, regardless of the place I want to place my text.
Anyone else experiencing the same?
Just wanted to share this, since it hasn’t been fixed in 3.5. Loving Dorico otherwise!


Welcome to the forum, benbravo. Yes, we’re aware of this. It’s not a bug, but rather a consequence of the fact that the text editing controls are always opened at the same position relative to the text editing area. However, we know it can be inconvenient and we hope to improve it in a future version.

Wunderbar, thanks for the info, looking forward to this fix! As I am writing lots of 1-page worksheets for my students (with text just about anywhere on the page) and mostly working on a laptop screen, this happens quite often.


I typically work on a notebook as well, and have the same problem. I very much look forward to an improvement–in the meantime I find I can reduce the page size a bit and generally get the entire page on the screen with the formatting control.

actually related to that subject, I often find the bars input popup also seems to disappear offscreen. It’s a minor thing but I feel it is worth spending a little time working out a better method when time permits.

I’m a recent starter of using Dorico 3.5 and I really love to find more and more possibilities and workarounds of getting the result I want. But yes, I have the problem with editing the page number on de right top of the master page. It is simply impossible to do since the text editing popup is always out of reach. It should be always on the screen. Is there a way to change the the size and form of the popup? Hopefully this can be solved in a minor update soon.
Thanks a lot!