[BUG] Track Routing / Direct Outs

needs confirmation:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create new stereo audio track
  2. In the Inspector: set Track Input and Output to any Input and Output
  3. In the Inspector: set first Direct Out to any other Output
  4. hit to bring up the Mixer
  5. In the Mixer Direct Out Rack set first Direct Out to “no bus”

Result: Track Output is set to “no bus”, too.

So, in the Inspector, Track I/O and Direct Outputs work independently (ONE Track Output + 8 Direct Outs), but in the Mixer, the first Direct Out seems to be linked to the Track Output (ONE Track Output + 7 Direct Outs)

Can you confirm?

I think it is ment to be that the first direct out is the out of the track (otherwise, yes i confirm)

Either this (8 direct outs, the track output mirroring the first direct out), or there is some kind of gui glitch here…

It is definitely like i said! and you can route the bus into your control room by just highlighting it…