BUG: Transparent fader caps & audio clips

I managed to get Nuendo into a state where the fader caps were completely transparent, and the default audio clips were also transparent with no audio displayed. Unfortunately I don’t know exactly what I did, but (among other things) I was messing around with track colours in preferences.

I tried a heap of different things to fix the problem, including launching in safe mode, restoring defaults from within preferences, but to no avail.

After a bit of poking around, I discovered a bunch of values in UserPreferences.xml had been trashed (see all values set to 0 below)

         <string name="Group" value="TrackDefaultColorPreferences"/>
         <member name="Values">
            <int name="audio" value="-7364173"/>
            <int name="effect" value="-7364173"/>
            <int name="group" value="-7364173"/>
            <int name="instrument" value="-7364173"/>
            <int name="midi" value="-7364173"/>
            <int name="other" value="-7364173"/>
            <int name="rewire" value="-7364173"/>
            <int name="sampler" value="-7364173"/>
            <int name="track-types.audio" value="0"/>
            <int name="track-types.effect" value="0"/>
            <int name="track-types.group" value="0"/>
            <int name="track-types.instrument" value="0"/>
            <int name="track-types.midi" value="0"/>
            <int name="track-types.other" value="0"/>
            <int name="track-types.rewire" value="0"/>
            <int name="track-types.sampler" value="0"/>
            <int name="track-types.vca" value="0"/>
            <int name="vca" value="-7364173"/>
         <string name="Group" value="FaderColorPreferences"/>
         <member name="Values">
            <int name="audio" value="-5052929"/>
            <int name="effect" value="-6269205"/>
            <int name="group" value="-12539415"/>
            <int name="inputs" value="-1689801"/>
            <int name="instrument" value="-1710432"/>
            <int name="midi" value="-798807"/>
            <int name="mixer-fader-caps.audio" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-fader-caps.effect" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-fader-caps.group" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-fader-caps.inputs" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-fader-caps.instrument" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-fader-caps.midi" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-fader-caps.outputs" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-fader-caps.rewire" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-fader-caps.sampler" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-fader-caps.synth" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-fader-caps.vca" value="0"/>
            <int name="outputs" value="-1689801"/>
            <int name="rewire" value="-3259162"/>
            <int name="sampler" value="-5062657"/>
            <int name="synth" value="-5046350"/>
            <int name="vca" value="-12785281"/>
         <string name="Group" value="RackColorPreferences"/>
         <member name="Values">
            <int name="devpanels" value="-7951168"/>
            <int name="directRouting" value="-14731968"/>
            <int name="directRouting-sum" value="-14729152"/>
            <int name="eq" value="-14447326"/>
            <int name="filter" value="-13582289"/>
            <int name="foldback" value="-13647704"/>
            <int name="foldback-pre" value="-13647775"/>
            <int name="gain" value="-7951168"/>
            <int name="hardware" value="-7951168"/>
            <int name="insert" value="-13659968"/>
            <int name="mixer-racks.devpanels" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-racks.directRouting" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-racks.directRouting-sum" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-racks.eq" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-racks.filter" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-racks.foldback" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-racks.foldback-pre" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-racks.gain" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-racks.hardware" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-racks.insert" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-racks.insert-pre" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-racks.pan" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-racks.quickcon" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-racks.routing" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-racks.send" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-racks.send-pre" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-racks.strip" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-racks.vca" value="0"/>
            <int name="pan" value="-7951168"/>
            <int name="quickcon" value="-10535040"/>
            <int name="routing" value="-7951168"/>
            <int name="send" value="-13666112"/>
            <int name="send-pre" value="-13647680"/>
            <int name="strip" value="-4169169"/>
            <int name="vca" value="-7951168"/>
         <string name="Group" value="StripColorPreferences"/>
         <member name="Values">
            <int name="Comp" value="-11761728"/>
            <int name="Gate" value="-11157410"/>
            <int name="Limit" value="-4179655"/>
            <int name="Sat" value="-4179655"/>
            <int name="Tools" value="-11761728"/>
            <int name="mixer-channel-strips.Comp" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-channel-strips.EQ" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-channel-strips.Gate" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-channel-strips.Limit" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-channel-strips.Sat" value="0"/>
            <int name="mixer-channel-strips.Tools" value="0"/>

Note: I was able to manually restore these to the default values without destroying the rest of my preferences by backing up UserPreferences.xml, getting Nuendo to generate a new one, then selectively restoring the default values to my preexisting xml.

I had this happen several times, too, although the problem seems to cure itself after restarting the application. … it seems to be a good thing in that context that the Color Preferences won’t get saved properly … 8-/

Restart definitely wasn’t working for me.
I know this is something that (unsurprisingly) happens with Cubase as well after initially Googling the problem and finding a few threads reporting the same issue, dating back several years!